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Collectif Jeune Cinéma


Different Cinema vol.2
Artists : Frédérique Devaux, Valérie Morignat, Maurizio Santini, Dominik Lange, Shiho Kano, Olivier Fouchard, Ruben Guzman, Solomon Nagler
Languages : English, French
Subtitles : English, French, German, Spanish
8 films / 2 bonus films / 8 biographies
60min / PAL&NTSC / all zones / 15,00 euro
Label : LOWAVE & Collectif Jeune Cinéma (France)

“The DIFFERENT CINEMA # 2 DVD assembles eight films and videos by artists presented during the 6th Different Cinema Festival of Paris. This extraordinary compilation is a mix of digital video and celluloid film that tackles the subjects of femininity, investigation, and the search for identity. These films are created by artists whose inspiration stems from the tradition of cinema as well as cutting-edge contemporary art.”
(from Collectif Jeune Cinéma)

Include “Lily in the Glass” (2003/16mm/6min)



Time Traveler x 5's Theory of Time (Artist Book)
Text : Shiho KANO, Chikara MATSUMOTO, Daisuke NAGAOKA, Poh Wang, Chika KATO
Published : 2011/02
Language: Japanese
30pages / 147x147mm / 630JPY
Bijutsu X Eizo
Authors : Toshio MATSUMOTO, Akira TATEHATA, Yasumasa MORIMURA, Tabaimo, Toshio IWAI, Itaru KATO, Shinjiro MAEDA, Kunitoshi OKUNO, Takashi ISHIDA, Shiho KANO, etc.
Published : 2010/05/11
Language: Japanese
143pages / 231x180mm / 2625JPY
Mansaku Itami and Kusatao Nakamura (Exhibition Catalogue)
Publisher : The Kuma Museum of Art
Published : 2008/10/04
Language: Japanese
127pages / A5 / 2095JPY

Shiho KANO wrote about the commission work “Shinonome Omogo Ishizuchi” (2008/DV/15min) for the exhibition.

IMAGINATION : Vision, Perception and Beyond (Exhibition Catalogue)
Publisher : Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Published : 2008
Language: Japanese
100pages / 1200JPY Sold out!
A Critical Cinema 5 : Interviews with Independent Filmmakers
Author : Scott MacDonald
Publisher : University of California Press
Published : 2006/01
Language: English
461pages / 34.95USD

“A Critical Cinema 5 is the fifth volume in Scott MacDonald's Critical Cinema series, the most extensive, in-depth exploration of independent cinema available in English. In this new set of interviews, MacDonald engages filmmakers in detailed discussions of their films and of the personal experiences and political and theoretical currents that have shaped their work. The interviews are arranged to express the remarkable diversity of modern independent cinema and the interactive community of filmmakers that has dedicated itself to producing forms of cinema that critique conventional media.”
(from University of California Press website)

Artists : Kenneth Anger, Tony Conrad, Nathaniel Dorsky, Peggy Ahwesh, Alan Berliner, Robb Moss, Phil Solomon, James Benning, J. Leighton Pierce, Matthias Müller, Sharon Lockhart, Jennifer Todd Reeves, Kano Shiho, Ernie Gehr



Mushroom recipes by artists
Artists : Tomomi ADACHI, Kanako INAGAKI, Imoimo, Naohiro UKAWA, Shiho KANO, Keichi TANAAMI, Haruna NAKAMURA, Manika NAGARE, Masaaki NISHI, Nobuhiro HANAOKA
Publisher : KAMADA SOY SAUCE Inc.
Language: Japanese

Include Shiho KANO's recipe “Flaming Mushroom”


Flaming Mushroom